The relaxed way of being online while traveling!

Example how simpleHotsport works

simpleHotspot allows you to monitor the connection quality of your iDevice while your Mac is connected to the internet via personal hotspot. Especially while traveling this will save your time when waiting for internet pages to load or mails to be sent, you'll always know if your iDevice has a bad signal or is not connected to the network at all.

Info The App does not require any modifications to your iDevice, such as an additional app or jailbreaks. Instead, simpleHotspot works out-of-the-box with only Apple's own tools!

Download simpleHotspot 1.1

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1 Doubleclick to activate simpleHotspot

2 simpleHotspot is now available in your appbar

3 Connect your Hotspot to see the connection quality

click our app simpleHotspot
simpleHotspot is now available in your appbar
now you can see the connection quality

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